Eyeglass clinics

The Kenyan MOST Ministries team spent two days providing free eyeglass clinics

Several hundred pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses were distributed to those in need.  The average cost for a pair of glasses in the Kisii region is several months wages. Many who were in need were going without due to the cost. For some, this clinic provided the needed eyeglasses to help them return to work. For others, like the children, it provided clear vision for studying. It was pure joy for all when an individual would find their  perscription and with a big smile state that they could see clearly as they looked around the room! 

*Robert being fitted for his first ever pair of eyeglasses

Can you imagine not having access to clear vision?

Providing free eyeglass clinics in regions of need is one of the most requested  teams of MOST (Mission Opportunites Short Term) Ministries by those in the field. Learn more about MOST Ministries eyeglass collections in the US and their foreign mission teams here

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