FGM Education


An Important Invitation

Dignity4Girls was invited by the Sacred Center For Orphans and Widows to talk to the local community about the dangers of FGM (female genital Mutilation). Although FGM is illegal in Kenya, it is still practiced in the Kisii region and commonly referred to as circumcision. 

It is difficult to challenge local traditions, but the Sacred Center  is leading the way in asking their community to question  if this practice is worth the harm it causes their women and girls.  

Well Received

After our presentation participants understood the dangers of FGM, especially how scar tissue can lead to  complications during childbirth.   The local evangelist even asked  "why have you not come earlier to share this information? We need to spread this to all pastors and evangelists!"  

Educating men is the most important step because they can bring an end to this practice. Traditionally it has been forbidden for women and girls to talk about circumcision, so men have been in the dark as to the harm it has caused. There is such a strong practice of silence on the topic that even the Kenyan interpreter for our FGM presentation shared that she had felt awkward as she began translating.  But in the end she was grateful to be a part of breaking the silence, especially when she saw how well the message was received. 

Robert and the women who serve the Sacred Center for Orphans and Widows are tackling FGM head on. They hosted their annual Girls Camp this August for 6 days where girls (and even some boys) came to play games and to learn about the dangers of FGM. These precious children then gave presentations to the MOST MInistries team as honored guests. Presentations that began with statements like "We are FGM conquers!" were inspiring.  Many of these brave girls are saying no to this practice. A bold move when the society says you need to participate to be considered an adult woman. Please keep these girls in your prayers! 

"You Are Special"

Ps. 139: 13-14 was read and each person was reminded that their bodies were "knit together" and that they are precious to God. It was also pointed out that God does not call us to circumcise girls, just boys. A woman's body, and all her parts, are perfectly designed by God, cutting it is harming what God has created. 

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Kit Distributions

Health Education and FGM Awareness

Before passing out the Days for Girls kits sewn by US volunteers, a presentation was given on basic menstrual health and on the dangers of FGM. 

Singing and dancing

What a joy it was to hear the laughter mixed with singing and dancing as the women and girls rejoiced over their new kits. One woman whispered in my ear "Thank you! We used to use blankets!" as she smiled and held tightly to her new kit. 

Young and Old

The  school girls were reserved as they opened their kits and explored the contents while the older women placed their kits on their heads and danced around! 

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