Sewing Enterprise

D4G seeks to empower nationals through skills training. Funds raised in the US bring opportunities to women and girls to attend trade school and learn business practices. Through a donation, Gladys, a Kenyan seamstress was sent to the Days for Girls University in Uganda to be trained in sewing hygiene products as well as business management. Gladys has now set up shop in Kenya and is training  local women to sew the much needed pads and other items! 

PHOTO: Seamstress Gladys irons a skirt while Deaconess Eunice sits in the background. Notice the iron, they fill it with hot coals to keep it hot! 

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Hen Farm

The hen house is completed and filled with hens (and one rooster)! The hens lay 20 eggs a day, which are sold at the market stall.

PHOTO: Robert Gutwa visits the new hen house on the Grace Community Center property.

Soap Making

Women perform the difficult task of making liquid soap. The soap is sold at the new market stall on the Grace Community Center Property.

PHOTO: Gladys stirs the soap mixture . The soap is bottled in empty water bottles and sold at the market stall.