Feminine Hygiene Kits

D4G connects Days for Girls sewers with partner organizations that distribute kits to those in need.  Feminine Hygiene Kits include reusable sanitary pads, underwear, washcloths and soap. 

Dignity 4 Girls (D4G) advocates for
vulnerable women and girls globally  
through physical, emotional, educational
and spiritual support.

"When empowering a girl child,
you empower the whole family.

Robert Gutwa, Kenya

FGC Awareness

Female Genital Cutting (FGC), also  called FGM (mutilation),  intentionally alters or causes injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. D4G educates about the dangers of FGC and offers social alternatives to the practice.

Empowerment through Enterprise

D4G seeks to empower nationals by establishing and growing local enterprises.

Spiritual Development

Local deaconesses and social workers share the gospel message with at-risk women and girls, providing spiritual and emotional support. 

Hen & Goat Program

The milk and eggs supplied by just one hen or goat can provide crucial nourishment for families as well as products to sell.