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Kenyan Enterprise Project


The creating of a hen farm with a market stall for the sale of hens, eggs, sewn pads and other needed items. 

Phase 1 is almost complete! 

News from Kenya


Updates from the MOST Ministries Kenyan mission trip.  Learn about kit distributions, FGM presentations, the growing sewing program and more. 


Sew Kits

Join a group sew-in (see Events below) or begin sewing yourself! D4G will direct you to the Days for Girls website for valuable tips on beginning to sew and will encourage you through out the process.

Collect needed items

Many women and girls do not own enough underwear. This causes distraction in a school or work settings. Additionally, basic hygiene items are unaffordable, like toothbrushes or washcloths.  

Schedule a D4G speaker

Schedule a speaker to come to your church to hear real-life stories of girls  who have benefited from D4G’s many programs and learn why addressing menstruation issues is so important for keeping girls in school and preventing early pregnancies.

Fundraise for D4G

There are so many creative & fun ways to raise money for the girls—from  bracelet making parties to bake sales—get inspired to help a girl in need! 

Kenyan Enterprise Project

Help  D4G raise  $2,500 to complete Phase 2 of this project

(Click below to see photos of Phase 1,

 the Hen House and market stall) 

Help build a building to house the  sewing enterprise program. A safe place with electricity  for women to come and sew.   Creating  these enterprises will  provide work and resources for locals. 

Kenyan Mission Trip

Join MOST Ministries on a trip to Kenya! A Women's ministry and eyeglass clinic team

August 23-Sept. 2

 MOST Ministries is organizing a trip to  Kisii, Kenya, to serve Robert Gutwa and Sacred Center for Orphans and Widows. Visit with Gladys and the many deaconesses, pass out hygiene kits and participate in an eyeglass clinic- MOST Ministries most requested type of team


No upcoming events.

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