Grace Community Center is open and ready to serve!

This past year Dignity4Girls partnered with the Sacred Center for Orphans and Widows to help fund the building of several buildings and enterprises on land that had been donated to Sacred Center many years ago, land that they had dreamt of using to serve the local community. Now that dream has become a reality! With the completion of new buildings and enterprises like  the hen farm, the property has been officially named  the Grace Community Center and is even registered with the local government as a rescue center.  This means that they can take in girls who are running away from  FGC and others in desperite need, like the ill and elderly. As a registered rescue center the government will provide aid for food. 

The Grace Community Center property currently has several older buildings, a new larger building, a large garden, a hen farm,  and a market stall to sell eggs, produce and items created by the sewing enterprise.  It also has open space for community gatherings and childrens games.  The 2019 August Camp for 100 children was successfully held on this property (with the garden providing much of the food!). 

Scroll down to see photos of the construction and completion of the hen house, market stall, garden and also special events held on the new community center property.  Click on photos to learn more. 

Support Grace Community Center

Help build a room for the sewing enterprise on the Grace Community Center property.