Hens & Goats

Give the Gift of a Goat (or a Hen)!

 $20 buys a hen

$100 buys a goat

Providing a hen or goat to vulnerable women is one of the most powerful ways to mitigate poverty.  

The milk and eggs supplied by just one hen or goat can provide crucial nourishment for families as well as products to sell.  Hens are easy to raise and multiply quickly while a hearty goat can survive in harsh conditions.  

Read about women who have already benefitted from this program:

  • Eunice, who cares for three orphaned children, received one hen a few years ago. Now she has many roosters, hens and chicks to help supply her family's needs. 

  • Queen is a widow who also received a hen a few years ago. Through the sale of the eggs she was able to provide an education for her son in the Youth Polytechnic school. Now her son is employed and helping support her.

  • Hellen, who lives with HIV, was given a goat and graduated to owning a cow. Her cow produces 3 liters of milk a day, which she sells locally to support her 4 children. 

Women are strong and long to provide for their families. We can empower them by providing hens and goats.

Receive a picture of the Kenyan family you helped!

When a donation is made to the Hens and Goats Program you will receive a picture of the family who received your hen or goat. (please allow up to 3 months)

Consider donating a Hen or Goat as a gift for a loved one or friend!